Workhorse of the sky, Turbo Prop.


Turbo Prop Charter

Turboprop charter aircraft are great for short to medium range trips and typically seat between 6 to 9 passengers. Turboprops are pressurized and can climb to higher altitudes for speed and to stay out of the weather, while still being more economical than their jet-powered siblings.

The workhorse in this type of aircraft is the King Air, a twin-engine aircraft first introduced in 1964, and available in a number of models. It's speed, reliability, spacious cabin and affordable hourly rate, make it a top choice for charter consumers and operators alike. Thanks to reliability and the need for fuel efficiency, single-engine turboprops are playing more of a role in charter. Consider the Pilatus PC-12 or the Mitsubishi MU2 as safe alternatives for your next charter.

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