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22 May

Five Facts about Turbulence

Picture the pilot of your flight making a brief announcement informing you that it may “get a little bumpy up ahead” and stated that you may want to check that your seatbelt is secure. The airplane begins leaping around shortly after the announcement and you could swear that it’s more than just a “little bumpy.” Will the plane be able to handle this turbulence? Will the pilot be capable of dealing with it and maybe even deliver you from it? More notably, will your lunch stay down until it gets calmer? The bad news is that nearly all flights covering any substantial space have at least a brief moment when it’s not precisely what one would describe as a smooth flight. The good news is that rough air, while at times is quite unsettling, is fleeting and is hardly ever a huge deal in terms of safety in flight. Here

18 May

The fact that Beechcraft twin engine aircraft are named after royalty should surprise no one. These machines are solidly built and carry an air of sophistication and reliability about them.  In this King Air Review we’ll share why it is one of our favorite charter aircraft. The King Air stands out as one of the most used corporate and personal travel aircraft in existence. It has been around since 1964, the year that the Beatles topped the American charts with “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” but much like Paul McCartney, it has aged well. It has also kept up with the times through frequent upgrades and improvements, while retaining its cutting edge technology and aesthetic appeal. It is appropriate and logical that the King air was born out of the Queen Air – a piston engined corporate twin. It can also trace its lineage to the Twin Bonanza. Both

15 May

Five Best Winery Tours in Napa Valley

Napa Valley is the most well-known wine destination in the United States. Yes, quality wines are produced all over the country, but the most impressive collection of wineries is in this portion of Northern California. Furthermore, the wine tourism experiences available in Napa are second to none. Most tourists come here from the Bay Area, but it is also possible to charter an plane and travel to a local airport so that you do not have to make such a commute. If you do this, it will be mere minutes (instead of hours) between landing and getting that first glass of wine in your hand. With so many options in the area, it is important to do a little research before you begin your Napa expedition. Deciding which wineries to visit often comes down to a matter of personal taste, but it is hard to go wrong if you include

10 May

Featured Aircraft: Phenom 300

In 2008, Brazilian aircraft company Embraer introduced the Phenom 100, a light jet of superior quality in its class that quickly became a favorite among private fliers for both business and leisure travel. A year later, Embraer came up with a larger light jet, the Phenom 300. The Phenom 300’s strongest competitor is the Learjet, which can travel faster and higher, but with four passengers onboard the Phenom 300 can fly more than 240 miles farther, get better fuel economy, and can take off and land on shorter runways. This opens up airports that other jets can’t get to and increases a passenger’s ability to get where they’re going without any hassle. Additionally, the Phenom 300 can travel 1,800 nautical miles with six occupants onboard. Like the Phenom 100, the 300 offers a roomy and comfortable cabin, low operating costs, fuel efficiency, and single-pilot operation. It can accommodate eight passengers.

8 May

Why Dubai is an Exciting Destination

Dubai is a relatively young tourist destination. Its impressive lineup of shopping malls, new hotels and other attractions, along with its cosmopolitan vibe, have earned it a place on many travelers’ must-visit lists. Though it is an ultra-modern city, Dubai does have an historic side, and there are chances to get past the brand-name glamour that defines the emirate in the eyes of most of its visitors. Here are the attractions that visitors to Dubai should seriously consider putting on their itinerary. A taste of the past The Al Fahidi Historic District is Dubai’s fully restored “Old Town” neighborhood. The buildings here house exhibit spaces, art and craft galleries, restaurants and cafes. There are even a couple of boutique hotels. Dubai also has several traditional souks. The Bur Dubai Souk has some of the best shopping deals and the most bustling atmosphere. Modern Dubai The Burj Khalifa is the tallest

5 May

Experience the Kentucky Derby

Experience the Grand Tradition of the Kentucky Derby with a Jet Charters Excursion to Louisville The Kentucky Derby takes place May 6th in Louisville and if you would like to witness what’s known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports,” travelers can still make plans to attend. It’s easy to get to Louisville by way of private jet charters while avoiding the stress of commercial air travel. The race, a Grade I stakes for Thoroughbreds is one and a quarter miles. The Kentucky Derby has taken place every year since 1875 and kicks off the US Triple Crown, consisting of the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont. The Kentucky Derby is the most widely attended of the three races. The Kentucky Derby has many longstanding traditions and this year’s race is no different. Travelers can experience these traditions first-hand on a jet charters trip to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby. First, there’s

27 Apr

Five Breathtaking Resorts in the Maldives That You Must Visit

For many travelers, the islands of the Maldives define “tropical paradise.” This collection of small land masses in the Indian Ocean features white sand beaches, palm trees, clear water and ideal temperatures. The Maldives is certainly far-flung. This makes it the perfect place for people who want to escape the crowds that flock to more-mainstream destinations. Actually, the Maldives is not very difficult to reach. With a private jet, travel can be quite straightforward. A few islands even have their own airfields, so you can skip the main airport in the capital, Malé, altogether. The resorts of the Maldives put a premium on luxury, and they occupy some of the most idyllic corners of the island nation. It is almost impossible to go wrong when you choose one of these five amazing resorts. Six Senses Laamu This Six Senses resort has the island of Laamu all to itself. Guests can

17 Apr

Seven Amazing Yachts Available for Charter

Private yacht charters are the perfect choice for people who like the idea of sailing between exotic ports but who do not want the impersonal experiences offered by commercial cruise ships. Large yachts are impressive to look at, but size does not matter as much as the amenities and services that the charter company offers to its passengers. This means that the best boats should be measured by overall quality, not only by size. Charter travel goes beyond yachts. Private charter planes not only allow you to avoid chaotic commercial airports, they can whisk you to airfields that are much closer to your destination than major international hubs. If you have booked a yacht for the week, such a plane can help you reach your chartered vessel very quickly so that you can have more time on the water. Here are seven of the most impressive private yachts that you

12 Apr

Featured Aircraft: Hawker 400xp

Forget stuffing yourself into the tiniest of the light jets or the cramped cabin of a commercial flight just because your trip may not require a larger private aircraft. Traveling for business or pleasure can be done with the same level of comfort and style private aviation customers are accustomed to without sacrificing the most important elements to private flying: comfort, speed, and efficiency. Hawker Beechcraft offered a jet that provides budget-conscious fliers with the roomiest cabin of all light jets so that even seasoned fliers used to the comfort of midsized jets will hardly notice the difference. This jet is the Hawker 400xp. It was introduced in 2003 and while production ceased on the model in 2009 due to economic factors, the Hawker 400xp is a favorite for many frequent fliers. The Hawker 400xp’s cabin provides passengers with more head and shoulder room, and with seating for up to

6 Apr

Five Unbelievable VIP Suites in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has some of the world’s most over-the-top hotel rooms. Casino resorts cater to high rollers and VIPs with ultra-luxury accommodations and unique themes that are unlike anything else in the world. These VIP suites enhance Vegas’s image as the ultimate amusement park for adults. Some people might even argue that they provide the quintessential Sin City experience. If you would like to spend a night or two as a VIP, these beyond-luxurious suites in Las Vegas are your best options. Furthermore, if you want to arrive in style, then a private charter jet is the only way to travel. Since most luxury suites come with complimentary transportation, a car will be on hand at the airport to take you to your hotel right away so that you will not have to set foot inside a commercial terminal. Sky Villa at the Aria Aria’s Sky Suites are currently among