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20 Feb

Featured Aircraft: Learjet 40

Bombardier’s Learjet 40 took its first flight in 2002 and entered the private jet market in 2004 where it’s remained a popular choice for business travelers ever since. It developed from the Learjet 45, but has a shorter fuselage, higher rate of climb and service ceiling than any of its predecessors, making it able to fly above bad weather and congested air traffic. In addition, the Learjet 40 offers a maximum cruise speed of 525 mph and a range of just over 2,200 miles allow for non-stop trips across the United States – something most light jets can’t do without a stop to refuel. Another benefit of this jet is that its aerodynamic design and Honeywell TFE731-20AR-1B ensure economic fuel consumption. The Learjet 40 comes equipped with carbon brakes, wing spoilers, and fins on its vertical stabilizer which provides smooth flights and soft landings, something all air passengers can appreciate.

2 Feb

Everything You Need for the Ultimate Coachella Trip

You’ve got your tickets, you’ve studied the setlist, and your bag is packed. Now it’s time to make sure that your Coachella experience is completely perfect. These insider tips will make sure that you have everything you need and remember the small things to make sure it’s all about the fun, music, and dancing. Drink. Nope, we don’t mean just alcohol. Three days partying in the desert, water is so important for your health and the continuation of the fun. The festival provides free water, so be sure to fill up. If you really want to up your hydration game, consider a backpack with a water bladder. Sweat and sun. This outdoor festival is the epitome of fun, but a great day can turn painful with sunburn. Everyone wants to return home sunkissed and golden, not a lobster. Make sure to put on sunscreen every morning and to reapply throughout

26 Jan

Visiting Necker Island: Richard Branson’s Private Paradise

Despite being entirely owned by billionaire businessman Sir Richard Branson, Necker Island is not off limits to visitors. One of the smaller members of the British Virgin Islands, Necker has a collection of luxury accommodations that rivals the offerings of the best boutique resorts in the Caribbean. This is one of the most exclusive of Virgin’s “Limited Edition” destinations. Only 28 guests can stay on the 74-acre island at one time. This makes it a great alternative to Tortola, Beef Island, Jost Van Dyke and Virgin Gorda, which are the largest and busiest of the British Virgin Islands. Necker’s list of past guests reportedly includes Kate Winslet, Robert De Niro, Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter and Eddie Murphy. What did these VIP’s find so attractive about this particular place? Necker brands itself as a destination for “barefoot luxury” by balancing an upscale setting and exclusivity with a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Also,

19 Jan

Five Best Destinations for Foodies

Everyone eats while traveling, but some people travel to eat. These foodie tourists choose their destinations because they have exceptional dining scenes or they produce authentic specialty dishes that cannot be eaten anywhere else. Every destination has its own trademark dishes, but some really stand out because of the quality and uniqueness of their food. Here are five foodie destinations that will certainly delight any traveler who loves to eat. Want to get to these delicious places as soon as possible? You should consider skipping the airport and opting for a charter jet. This could shave hours off of your trip and get you to the table that much faster. Vancouver Canada’s most international and cosmopolitan city is a haven for foodies. A large Asian population means that it is very easy to find high quality, authentic sushi, dim sum and curries. Dynasty Seafood is a popular choice for dim

16 Jan

Citation CJ2+ Review

With a dominant presence world-wide, Cessna has cemented its place in the aircraft industry. Aircraft in the Cessna Citation family maintains a history that is well respected and widely known and Cessna’s global presence is in many ways due to the size of the Citation Fleet and its numerous service centers. Distribution of parts, re-sale infrastructure and dissemination of information is also made possible by the large pool which is supported by the massive fleet. What’s more is the Citation Jet Pilots organization, which is made up of a group of enthusiastic Cessna Citation owners ( who share in being civic-minded as well as take part in making sure valuable information is passed along. Named for its added power, the CJ2+ provides even more cost efficiency and style than the well-loved Cessna CJ2. Incorporated into Cessna’s line-up nearly ten years ago (in 2005), more than 200 of this model were

12 Jan

5 Exotic Cars to Rent on Your Next Trip

On your next trip, why settle for something boring like a Toyota Camry or a Ford Fusion? Instead, you can rent a wide variety of far more interesting premium luxury vehicles through several different exotic car rental services to take your trip to the next level, from luxury sedans to expedition ready SUVs and performance-oriented sports cars. Some options like Enterprise’s Exotic Car Collection will even offer jet-side services, so you can go straight from the private jet to your exotic rental, streamlining your trip and letting you relax. Other companies like Turo let you save money by renting other people’s cars, which means you can find some pretty crazy options. Regardless, you’ll never need to visit the standard rental car counter again, because there are so many great options. Check them out below: Aston Martin DB9 through the Enterprise Exotic Car Collection The Aston Martin DB9 is one of

9 Jan

Reach New Destinations with the Gulfstream G650

Gulfstream knows what business travelers want and the Savannah-based company raised the bar for its G650 model. The G650 blows the competition out of the water. It’s one business jet that promises the utmost in comfort, speed, and style and actually delivers. At its maximum operating speed, this jet slices through the sky at Mach .925 (600 mph) thanks to its Rolls Royce BR725 engines. With four crew and eight passengers, the G650 has a 7000 nautical mile range at Mach .85. This means it can fly anywhere in the world with just one stop for fuel, although many if not most flights require no stops. This is the ideal situation for travelers looking to get from virtually anywhere in the United States to various destination points in Asia in one fell swoop. Like its speed and range, the cabin of the G650 is the largest of its class at

5 Jan

Here’s Why Tortola Should Be the Next Island You Visit

If you have ever been to the British Virgin Islands, you have probably already set foot on Tortola. It is the main transportation hub for the territory, and it is also one of the most attractively diverse islands in the region. Yes, there is a steady traffic flow from the airport and from passenger ships, but you will also find white sand beaches (some of which are nearly deserted), great conditions for diving and surfing, a lively mix of full moon parties and happening bars, historic sites, and plenty of shopping and ecotourism opportunities. A diverse destination  Tortola is not just a resort destination, or just a nightlife destination. Here, it is very easy to create a well-rounded itinerary that has a little bit of everything. Tortola’s roads are decent, and its infrastructure is on par with other tourist-friendly islands in the Caribbean. Still, the preferred option for getting around

3 Jan

The Dassault Falcon 50

The Falcon 50, with its three engines, is an aircraft built for long range and is modeled after the earlier twin-jet families of Mystère/Falcon 20 and 200. It’s highly popular among passengers, pilots, and operators. This airplane reinvented what a business aircraft was capable of doing and made extensive range flights, as well as trans-oceanic flights, achievable and efficient. The Dassault Falcon 50 was constructed utilizing the Falcon 20’s style and flowing lines for its fundamental form. It would need to be an entirely different aircraft than earlier models which integrated new materials, ideas, and craftsmanship in order to easily fly its over three thousand nautical mile range according to its design requirements. Though the appearance of the Falcon 50 resembles its twin-engine smaller siblings, under the surface, it is an entirely different bird. A Brief History The Falcon 50 was certified in February 1979 in France for the first

29 Dec

Bombardier Challenger 300

Aircraft operators and passengers alike want a complete sized aircraft with a small plane’s price tag. The Bombardier Challenger 300 accomplishes this with chic elegance. Common amongst companies of all sizes, the 300 is in a category of its own. Speed and comfort at a reasonable price has always been the objective of most charter and corporate operations, and this jet fits the bill. Bombardier announced the Challenger 300 package in 1990 and, in 2004, completed its first customer distribution. The aircraft has been working hard for quite a few corporate and commercial operators since then including Xojet® and Flexjet ®. This swift and comfortable bizjet is giving its super mid-size competitors good opposition. The 300 offers a spacious cabin and good value with low operating costs How it’s composed matters Bombardier relied almost completely on new computer-assisted design for the 300 and pieced together a global supply chain with